Just for Me Create Personalized Children's Music CD Song MP3

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these CDs personalized?

Our singers sing every name individually, so your CD is truly custom made. Some "personalized" CDs use computers to "drop-in" a name. We work hard to seamlessly integrate each name into every song.

What if the name I want isn't on the list?

We’ve recorded over 3,500 names to date. If you don’t see the name you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll try to help.

Can I spell a name differently?

Yes! When you order, spell the name any way you like, even if it appears differently on our list.

I have twins. Can I have 2 names on my CD?

Yes. Just enter BOTH names on the BUY NOW page. (Ex. Sophia & Aiden) There is no extra charge.

Can you ship directly to the child receiving the gift?

Yes! It is fast and easy to ship your gift directly. Just enter the shipping information when you order. We also offer gift-wrapping. Just see our order page.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! Order 2 or 3 CDs for discounted shipping charges. Orders of 4 CDs or more receive FREE shipping and handling. For bulk purchases (10 or more) contact us for details.

We don't use CDs anymore. Can I download the songs to my phone or tablet?

Yes! From our order page, just select the Download Only option, and you'll receive an email with simple step-by-step instructions.

Do you offer any fundraising programs?

Yes! If your school or orgaization would like to earn money selling Just for Me CDs, contact us and we'll send you the details.

Customer Feedback
"My two year old, sings "Come on Logan" to my 4 month old with his name in our favourite songs. He thinks this is so much fun!" Alison M. (mother of 2 active boys who love music)
"I am thrilled with the CD I ordered for my niece... Thank you again." Margaret F.
"...the music is great and alive - We really like it because it is so different from the other music for little ones."
Toni H.
"You should have seen (my daughter) last night. I put on her CD and she lost her mind. 'mama - my name, they said my name in the song!!!!' then she proceeded to nod to the speakers everytime they asked her a question and danced and boogied her way through every song - the whole album was a hit." Nancy in Toronto
"My niece, who is four, loves it. She listens to it daily and even falls asleep listening to it." Andrea R.
"What an amazing product!! ... We'll definitely be ordering more in the future." C.F.
"We got the CD yesterdayl. It is fantastic and we have been listening to it all day." R.R.
"My daughter just received the CD and I thought it was such a great idea (and the songs are so catchy) that I plan to send it to all my friends who are having babies these days. Many thanks for a wonderful product!!!" Gina
"Just wanted to also let you know that my son received this CD as a gift and he absolutely loves it! What a wonderful idea and product! Makes a great birthday gift for young children." Rachelle A.